MOBILTEK is Looking for Working Friends & Interns!

Please contact us and leave your information to evaluate your skills.

In which areas can I work?


Where and when?

  • ● Sales & Operation,
  • ● System/Server Administration,
  • ● Technical Support Service,
  • ● Customer Support,
  • ● R&D.
  • ● Istanbul / Atasehir Office.

Who should apply?

According to what is chosen?

  • ● Developing itself on software,
  • ● People who want to apply their current knowledge in additional life projects,
  • ● Software developers who want to improve himself/herself,
  • ● Those who are curious about electronic devices.
  • ● You will be able to hear (source code, text, etc.),
  • ● Your knowledge to your savings,
  • ● Your company can make it to our company,
  • ● Curiosity and how much you are willing.

When is the last application?

When are the results?

  • ● General Application: You can apply at any time during the year.
  • ● Interns can apply for internship requirements of the year.
  • ● You will be returned to you within two weeks of your application.