Rent-a-Car Vehicle Tracking System

100% Control With MAB System Is Now In Your Hands For The First Time In Turkey!

The car rental firms can follow the location information of their cars 24/7 in a good and safe way via a single screen by means of automation system which can be controlled with online GPS / GSM satellite link, thanks to the vehicle tracking device kit having the battery and motor blockage features made for the car rental firms with MOBİLTEK Rent-a-Car Vehicle Tracking System.


100% Control With MAB System Is Now In Your Hands For The First Time In Turkey!


Vehicle Authorization With MABS

You can give authorization with customized periods for your customers with this system. If you want, your vehicles may automatically switch to the engine blockage mode after the ignition is switched off when the hourly or daily rental periods are over and they will not run unless you give permission.


If your car stays in a closed area where access to the GSM network cannot be achieved or your car cannot send you the position information due to the external interventions like jammer, the MABS (Mobiltek Intelligent Blockage System) protection feature will be activated after a certain period of time that you choose, and your vehicle will automatically stop in the first engine off and never works without your security password you will send.


Other Extra Features

Region Based Automatic Engine Blockage System

Bonnet Opening Alarm

Possibility to Take Detailed Report about Driver Renting the Car

Total KM Information before Vehicle Rented


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