Your Caravan is Under Control with MOBILTEK!

MOBILTEK Caravan Tracking System is a security package specially prepared for caravans. With the support of special accessories, situations that may cause danger in the caravan can be determined beforehand.

Included in the package are the MOBILTEK Caravan Tracking Device, which allows you to instantly monitor your caravan, the Smoke Detector that will be activated in case of possible fire, the Panic Button that will inform the predetermined addresses in case of emergency, anti-theft Motion Sensor and the Remote Engine Lock accessory to lock the caravan engine.

Smoke Detector

With the Smoke Detector, a warning alarm is activated in case of possible fire and instant notification is sent via Mobile, SMS and E-mail channels.

This detector allows you to minimize the damage that may occur.

Battery Sensor


With the Battery Sensor, you can instantly see the battery voltage value of your vehicle.

You can get notification that your vehicle battery is almost empty.

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Panic Button

In case of emergency, when the Panic Button is pressed, notifications are made to the addresses you pre-determined.

Remote Engine Lock


With the Remote Engine Lock accessory, you can lock the engine of your caravan in unauthorized use.

You can stop or slow down possible theft situations with this accessory.


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Motion Sensor

With the Motion Sensor, you can instantly detect possible theft situations.

Any unauthorized access to your caravan is sent as a notification.


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