MOBILTEK CM200 Camera and Vehicle Tracking Device

A90 Pro OBD 2 Takip Cihazı

Live Vehicle Tracking

With our web and application-based platform, you can instantly track and monitor your drivers and vehicle fleet from wherever and whenever you want.

Dual Lens Camera

With the dual camera, you can monitor both the road ahead and the driver behind.

It is possible to provide monitoring from a single point without the need for complex in-vehicle camera installation.

A90 Pro OBD 2 Takip Cihazı

Advanced Features

Thanks to its advanced features, MOBILTEK CM200 not only reduces costs in vehicle fuel consumption but also increases driving safety.

Desktop Tablet Mobil

Vehicle Tracking

Real-time location tracking is possible with precise GPS technology.

Multiple Interface Support

OBD, CAN Bus and RS232

HD Video Support

It has crystal clear and HD resolution video support.

Dual Channel Recording

The dual camera records instantly in 1080p format.

Mobile Apps

It is possible to track instantly with iOS and Android applications.


It is possible to see driving behaviors such as sudden acceleration and sudden braking with the internal motion sensor.

Servis Ağı In the event of an accident or another emergency, when the Panic Button is pressed, the location and images are transmitted to a predefined number. The externally offered Panic Button can be installed at an easily accessible point in the vehicle.

World Map Street by Street on Your Screen!

With the current package, you can monitor all cities, avenues, streets and important places in detail using our licensed maps.

By marking points on the map, you can customize the vehicle tracking according to your needs. Thanks to these points, you can control the positions of your vehicles effectively.

Maps will be updated free of charge during the subscription period.


Assembly Service


MOBILTEK, which has the widest authorized service network with its expert staff in the field, eliminates your installation worry!

We also support our customers with manual installation guides.

Servis Ağı


24/7 Support Service

For uninterrupted service and support, MOBILTEK is at your service 24/7 with its Call Center and Support System!

With our additional support package that you can purchase as an option, our team can monitor and control your vehicles, report them to you, and inform you immediately in case of an emergency.


Subscription Service


During the subscription period, you do not pay any additional fees for server service, software and map updates.

When you renew your subscription at the end of the subscription, your maps and software will continue to be updated and the warranty period of your CM200 Camera and Vehicle Tracking Device will also be extended. Thus, your system will always be under the guarantee of MOBILTEK.



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