M90 Motorcycle Tracking Device

Motorcycle tracking, easy-to-use follow-up solution that responds to your needs.

Motorcycle Tracking System

M90 Motorcycle Tracking System is an automation system where you can control instant and historical motions of your motorcycle 24/7 in the best and safest way via online GPS / GSM satellite link by using the geographic information system. Thanks to the special technologies we have developed in our products, you can use your motorcycle smoothly without running out the battery.

If the position of your motorcycle is changed without being switched on, alerts can be sent to you by mail and SMS.


Please contact us if you wish to receive information other than those below.


Street Based Vehicle Tracking in 81 Provinces


Instant Location Tracking


Location Tracking with Historical Time


Retrospective Animation Route Tracking


24/7 Online Tracking via Internet


Last Location Information with SMS


Detailed Location Reporting


Detailed Speed, Region, Direction, Ignition Reporting


Instant Ignition Information


Instant Vehicle Removal Information


Distance Information, KM Tracking


Instant Speed Information


Working Time Tracking and Reporting


Violation Notifications (SMS, Email)


Region Tracking and Regional Violation Reporting


Daily Idle Running Tracking and Reporting


Motor Blockage


Blockage History Reporting


Map Route Identification


Special Location Identification on Map


Driver Management and Tracking


Vehicle Grouping


Fast Map Tracking Screen


Binary and Quartet Map Tracking Screen


Android and iOS Apps (Free)


Optional Accessory Support


Motor Blockage with SMS and App


Regional Motor Blockage System (Automatic)


Summary Reports


Trip Reporting


Single Click Engine Blockage

Multiple Map

Multiple Map Support and Instant Tracking


Water and Dust Resistance

Battery Friendly

Battery Friendly