Temperature and Humidity Tracking

It provides temperature and humidity sensor and ambient values to monitor.

In MOBILTEK Heat and Temperature Tracking System, the temperature levels in the refrigerated vehicles and cold storage are monitored and reported on-line thanks to the temperature sensors inserted to the devices.

During critical temperature changes, alarm messages are sent to the identified person via program, SMS and Mail.


What Does The System Bring In You?

It provides temperature and humidity sensor and ambient values to monitor.


Instant monitoring of the temperature, humidity values of the products within the vehicle.

Warning signal with alarm via system and within the vehicle when the threshold values are reached.

Notifications for the fuel tank caps remained open.

Detailed reports of how many times the doors have been opened and closed, and how many minutes they left open.

Instant information system in case the temperature drops or exceeds the specified level.

Instant and historical reporting via computers or applications.

Our automation system within MOBILTEK tracking and monitoring system can be synchronized with private management systems of all hospitals and institutions thanks to our API and Web services.


Who Usually Uses The System?

All firms needing temperature data such as food, meat, poultry, egg, ice cream, etc. carrying firms need to use this application, as well as all health centers, hospitals, policlinics and every institution with a vaccine cabinet.


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