MOBILTEK A90 Pro - Beyond Vehicle Tracking Device


The A90 Pro is an easy-to-use and easy-to-install tracking system that responds to your needs beyond tracking your vehicle fleet. Its main features are:


Vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Reading Feature


Fuel Level, Fuel Theft Warning System


Total Fuel Consumption


Vehicle Mileage via ECU


Vehicle Speed ​​via ECU


Engine Temperature via ECU


Seat Belt Warning System


Engine Speed, Warning System


Extra Information that can be Read on the ECU (Optional)


Accessory Support (Optional)


Software Options (Web - iOS - Android)


Multiple Map Service


Assembly Service


Subscription Service


24/7 Support

A90 Pro OBD 2 Takip Cihazı

A90 Pro Vehicle Tracking System is a vehicle management and tracking system that can be used in all commercial, passenger, heavy vehicles and work machines. The installation process takes place quickly by our authorized services, the activation process is done instantly.

A90 Pro Vehicle Tracking Device can read all data from the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) thanks to its internal OBD II and CAN interfaces. The data obtained can be followed from your mobile devices and computers as reports and statistics.


Software Options (Web - iOS - Android)

With our Web, Desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android software, you can control your vehicle from anywhere, anytime.

Desktop Tablet Mobil

Web Software

Tablet Applications

Mobile Applications


World Map Street by Street on Your Screen!

With the professional package, you can monitor all cities, avenues, streets and important places in detail using our licensed maps.

By marking points on the map, you can customize the vehicle tracking according to your needs. Thanks to these points, you can control the positions of your vehicles effectively.

Maps will be updated free of charge during the subscription period.


Assembly Service


MOBILTEK, which has the widest authorized service network with its expert staff in the field, eliminates your installation worry!

We also support our customers with manual installation guides.

Servis Ağı


24/7 Support Service

For uninterrupted service and support, MOBILTEK is at your service 24/7 with its Call Center and Support System!

With our additional support package that you can purchase as an option, our team can monitor and control your vehicles, report them to you, and inform you immediately in case of an emergency.


Subscription Service


During the subscription period, you do not pay any additional fees for server service, software and map updates.

When you renew your subscription at the end of the subscription, your maps and software will continue to be updated and the warranty period of your A90 Pro Vehicle Tracking Device will also be extended. Thus, your system will always be under the MOBILTEK guarantee.



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