Speed up your business with MOBILTEK API Services, increase your profit!

MOBILTEK API Service is an infrastructure system which offers all vehicle tracking operations carried out by the corporates or individual users on MOBILTEK, in the form of data, by means of web services provided on website.


What Can Be Done By Using MOBILTEK API Services?

Users can access all vehicle information by using API services. Thanks to this system, it is possible to integrate with individual or corporate automation software, personnel tracking software, accounting programs, vehicle service software, fleet rental software, customer tracking software of the firms renting car from Rent a Car, service tracking software, municipality automation software, firefighting tracking and directing programs,  ambulance management tracking programs, chemical waste carrying vehicle tracking systems.

In general, a lot of information on vehicles can be provided within scope of this service such as kilometer information , driver's history, speed tracking, vehicle route tracking, idling time tracking, work hours tracking, address-position tracking, switch active-passive information.


What is needed to use MOBILTEK API Services?

API Services can be benefited within the framework of API membership through tracking devices manufactured by MOBILTEK Informatics.