Multi-Channel DashCam Tracking Device


Live Vehicle Tracking

The CM450 series is an LTE dash camera system specially designed for vehicles. This feature-rich camera system is capable of simultaneously recording 4 to 5 independent channels and provides valuable ADAS and DMS algorithms that actively help drivers increase road awareness and safety by ensuring real-time, actionable alerts.

Simultaneous Video Support for Up to 5 Cameras

The CM450 contains 1 built-in camera (default 720P, also can provide 1080P at your request) and supports up to 4 remote cameras (optional) used to monitor any part of the vehicle exterior, cabin, side, rear or driver behavior. This device can provide an audible warning to warn drivers and passengers against possible risks.


Storage of Critical Events in the Cloud System

Are you worrying about your critical video footage from a crash or other event that could be overwritten or erased from device memory? Do not worry, these images will be stored in the cloud storage system in a raw form without being deleted or modified.

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Vehicle Tracking

Real-time location tracking is possible thanks to accurate GPS technology.

HD Video Support

HD resolution video support integrated.

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android applications are available for instant follow-up.

Servis Ağı In the event of an accident or other emergency, pressing the panic button will transmit the location and image to a predefined number. An externally supplied panic button can be mounted on the vehicle in an easily accessible place.

Expanded Storage for More Data

The main unit of the CM450 camera system has 2 microSD slots that allow up to 512GB of in-device storage. This allows you to store much more data than you can imagine.


One Platform for All Your Operations

You can check the locations, environment, alerts and other information about your fleets in real- time from anywhere via our unique platform.


24/7 Support Service

For uninterrupted service and support, MOBILTEK is at your service 24/7 with its Call Center and Support System!

With our additional support package that you can purchase as an option, our team can monitor and control your vehicles, report them to you, and inform you immediately in case of an emergency.


Subscription Service

During the subscription period, you do not pay any additional fees for server service, software and map updates.

When you renew your subscription at the end of the subscription, your maps and software will continue to be updated and the warranty period of your A90 Vehicle Tracking Device will be extended. Thus, your system will always be under the MOBILTEK guarantee.


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