Ambulance Monitoring System

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It is a vehicle tracking application which provides remote 24/7 access to the vehicles of all health service companies, by means of MOBİLTEK ambulance tracking management system.

Thanks to this system, it helps all health care institutions to provide better health care especially in the emergency cases.


Domestic Production Ambulance Monitoring System


What Does The System Bring In You?

Possibility to direct the nearest vehicles immediately to the scene by taking their location information in the case of emergency.

Sending road information to the navigation device.

Possibility of instant and retrospective tracking

Possibility to retrieve historical reports from the system in case of any conflict to be emerged at later times, since all details related to an emergency call (e.g. call time, ambulance allocation, access times to the patient and hospital, etc.) are recorded.


Who Usually Uses the system?

All private and public healthcare providers.


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