Warehouse Cover Security Systems

Be in Control of Your Car in Your Depot!

Thanks to our fuel tank caps we specially developed as MOBİLTEK, the location and time of opening of the fuel tank caps can be controlled. In case of fuel theft where the fuel tank cap is opened outside the defined areas, alarm can be sent.


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Mobiltek Warehouse Cover Sensor

Dismantle the existing fuel tank cap

Clean the surface of the fuel tank as displayed in the figure with a fabric

Place your product on the fuel tank neck in the direction displayed in the figure in a manner that it will remain on the right of Diesel expression

Make sure your product stands on the fuel tank as shown in the figure.

Turn your product 90 degrees in the direction shown in the figure (clockwise)

Installation of your product is complete.

Warehouse Cover Security Systems Installation


What Does The System Bring In You?

The possibility to check the correct usage data of your vehicles.

Possibility to avoid stolen or suddenly diminished fuel.

Thanks to the special structure of the Fuel Tank Cap Sensor, the fuel tank cannot be interfered from the outside.

Fuel saving with proper use.

Who Usually Uses The System?

The MOBILTEK Fuel Tank Cap Sensor is a solution required by all companies.


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