Wagon Tracking System

Would you like to watch your wagons during domestic railway expeditions?

MOBILTEK Wagon Tracking System is a system that enables and reports the monitoring of wagons during the domestic railway expeditions, the learning of the locations or stations they are in, the determination of arrival times to the stations and waiting times at the stations.


First Time Wagon Monitoring System In Turkey


What Does The System Bring In You?

It is possible to guarantee that the load is on the right time and in the right place by reaching the current and accurate information about the past, current and future locations of the load,

It contributes to the reduction of the material losses arising due to the inability to follow the critical loads carried,

Stopping reports except for the specified locations can be obtained,

It facilitates the planning of equipment, maintenance or services,

Communication costs are reduced,

Productivity is improved with cost and developed load management.


Who Usually Uses The System?

Logistics firms engaged in railway transportation


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