Radioactive Device Tracking System

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With the device's powerful battery, it provides up to 1 year battery life at the appropriate data rate. It can be used in many projects with features like GPS and base station location, internal temperature sensor.


Apply to Turkish Atom Energy Institution Standards


What Are The Usage Areas Of The Radioactive Device Tracking System?

Usage Scenario as a Radioactive Device Tracking System


Issues Regarding Change in Licensing Conditions

Well Log Systems: Since these types of radioactive sources are not always used with a device, vehicle tracking system services will be received for the vehicles used in transportation of these systems.

Mobile Density-Moisture Measurement Devices: Since such devices need to be transported by transport container, tracking system service will be received for the transport container.

Mobile Industrial Gama Ray Devices (Except X-ray devices): Tracking system service will be received for such devices by means of systems to be integrated into them.

The corporate will send the information of the organization from which it receives the tracking system service (vehicle, package system service) and the contract sample to the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority together with the license application documents.

After the installation of the system and granting of the license by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, the corporate will record the information about the follow-up of the radioactive resource, and the documentation or access information may be sent to the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, when requested.

As long as the aforementioned devices or radioactive sources are available within the corporate, the service procurement of the tracking system will continue, and in case the service provider or its contact information is changed, such change information will be notified to the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority.

The license documents issued by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority before the date 01/01/2014 are valid until the license visa date. The document does not need to be reissued before the license visa date.

Although the document is licensed, a real-time tracking system must be installed, in cases where the document needs to be reissued due to the reasons such as visa (time extension) and document change (RKS, title, address change) etc. Licensing processes of the organizations that have not completed the system installation will not be carried out.


Who Usually Uses The System?

Private and public institutions that manufacture and use radioactive devices.


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