Route Planning and Control System

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MOBİLTEK Route Planning and Control System is a special solution developed for determining the stops, trips, stop arrival and departure times of the public transportation vehicles and reporting these movements.

Thanks to the system, firm executives can mark the stop points of the vehicles and the control points between these stops on the map.


Set Route! Control!


What Does The System Bring In You?

Field identifications can be made for the vehicle trips and thus warning messages are forwarded to the system by recognizing the motion of the vehicles in and out of the field.

Stopping times and durations at the vehicle control points are ensured to be recorded in the system in terms of the first trip start times on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Violation options for the leaving out and waiting times at the control points can be determined in the system by entering the tolerance period depending on early and late departure.

The routes for which the vehicles are assigned can be reported by the system and automatically transferred to the Excel as a file.

Vehicles that do not comply with the planned program (stop information, date, time, driver identity if available, etc.) can be reported as a violation.


Who Usually Uses The System?


School Services

Vehicle Owners

Cooperatives providing public transport services

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